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Created 23-Mar-14
36 photos

A collection of rock formation studies from the lower Antelope Canyon, The Coyote Buttes and others sites across the Colorado Plateau in the western United States.
Cork-Screw CanyonThe VeilThe WaveJigsaw RocksThe WavesThe Amber GrottoRolling WavesSunset WavesPeaches and RosesView to the Outside WorldThe Rose CorridorThe Waves of Antelope CanyonDali RockThe Wild WestStone WindowThor's Hammer at Bryce CanyonElephant RockToadstool RocksThe Bee Hive RocksHorse-Shoe bend

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Keywords:alex cassels photography, arizona, colorado plateau, erosion, geology, landscape photography, landscapes, lower antelope canyon, nevada, patterns, rock formations, rock studies, shapes, slot canyons, textures, the coyote buttes, united states, utah